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Complete bespoke industrial design services


The most comprehensive wayfinding suite on the market


High and low volume manufacturing consulting in any material


25 years experience across Australasia


Tailored proactive customer service solutions to meet your specific needs


Envention is our proprietary digital wayfinding platform developed in-house by our creative team. Envention is comprised of three high level functional tiers, the Essential, Specialist and Enterprise suites. Each suite contains configurable software modules that can be tailored to adapt to the needs of your business.

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Envent has a range of bespoke and configurable directory options to suit any project. We can offer you a selection from our premium range of multifunctional units or you can engage our design team to create a directory solution to suit your specific functional requirements.

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Envent has a broad range of software, design, production and implementation experience across a wide spectrum of industries. Please ask us for specific examples that match your industry, so we can help to understand and analyse your situation to help you generate the best solution.

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