Envent has developed and installed thousands of different digital and product solutions since our inception in 2004.

Our clients span all public and private sectors including primary, secondary and tertiary industries.  We offer complete bespoke software and hardware development, as well as having our own proprietary solutions to select from.

No project is too complex or too small for our team as our focus is to help you achieve your business objectives.

With our experience we can cross pollinate ideas from one industry to another to give you insights you may not have considered in your strategy.

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Gap Solutions

Client: MetCash

Industry: Supermarket

Solution Type: Self Service Payment Station

Model: Paystation

Software Suite: Proprietary payment system

Installation: IGA Adelaide, 2008

Problem Statement: The client needed to transform and upgrade their purchasing checkout process to a more efficient and structured system. The aim was to increase shopper satisfaction and to reduce annual centre operating expenses.

Project Summary: The client requested the custom design of an integrated, freestanding, self service payment solution comprising of a 10" LCD with touchscreen, thermal printer, EFTPOS Pinpad, CPU, Cash/. Coin acceptor, change giver, spike and surge protection, bespoke custom lockable enclosure


Client: IGA Shopping Centres

Industry: Super markets

Solution Type: Recipe Kiosk

Model: Echo

Software Suite: Custom design recipe kiosk solution with over 100 recipies.

Installation: IGA Brisbane, 2009

Problem Statement: The client wanted to develop a self service solution providing interactive recipies to shoppers via a touchscreen kiosk. The aim was to increase shopper awareness of the varieties of foods and brands available within the IGA stores.

Project Summary: The client requested the configuration of our existing 17" freestanding Echo kiosk, including a compact 60mm thermal custom printer, client branding, CPU, power and surge protection.


Client: JCDecaux

Industry: Outdoor Advertising

Solution Type: Interactive Digital Signage

Model: Outdoor 19"LCD and Touchscreen

Software Suite: Custom engagement software for the Rugby World Cup

Installation: 2010

Problem Statement: The client wanted to integrate software and touchscreens into their outdoor advertising suite of displays for the first time.

Project Summary: Envent was engaged to integrate our 19" interactive outdoor 1000 nit LCD into the pre-existing displays in the Pitt Street Mall in Martin Place, Sydney CBD.

Morgans Real Estate

Client: Morgans Realty

Industry: Real Estate

Solution Type: Virtual Office

Model: Virtual Office

Software Suite: Proprietary engagement software including advertising, VOIP phone calls, EFTPOS Payments, camera surveillance, property virtual tours.

Installation: 2006

Problem Statement: The client wanted to develop a solution for real estate in the shopping centre industry to provide a lead generation tool in an attended or unattended environment.

Project Summary: The integration of four modular workstations and four signage cabinets to form the "Virtual Office". Comprising a stainless steel, solid timber enclosure, 32" displays, 20" displays, PCAP touchscreens, keyboards, EFTPOS, cameras, illumination, proximity readers, electronics locks, privacy screens, sliding drawers, custom stools.

St Stephens

Client: Uniting Care

Industry: Hospitals

Solution Type: Digital Wayfinding

Model: Sabre 42" Outdoor

Software Suite: Envention Wayfinder, Advertising, SMS Content.

Installation: 2015

Problem Statement: As Australia’s first fully digital hospital, St Stephen’s gives the Wide Bay community access to one of the country’s most advanced healthcare facilities. Envent was approached to provide a high-end wayfinding interface with 3D graphics to reflect the innovative nature of the hospital.

Project Summary: Envent provided state-of-the-art custom hardware and software for this implementation including 42" freestanding, dual sided directories with illuminated signage, Industrial CPUs, PCAP touchscreens, ventilation and lockable enclosures.

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