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Envent is a professional industrial design consultancy specialising in providing intuitive digital navigation and wayfinding solutions.

Our passion for innovation, research and delivering the latest technology leads us into new areas of discovery, ultimately arriving at improved solutions for our clients. We want to help clients reach their goals and expose them to the latest available technology that can improve their clients positive experience when engaging with their services.

Why? Because we love it.


Envent undertake a thorough collaborative situation analysis with each client to understand their digital strategy and needs. Together we establish a digital blueprint for each client that provides a way of tailoring their specific public wayfinding solution. This then creates a mechanism for them, their visitors and tenants to engage, be informed and monitor visitor behaviour and trends within a captured social environment.

We achieve this by offering a tailored solution that has been customised by the client to suit their unique environment, broad visitor demographic and incumbent tenant requirements. The final solution comprises a multifunctional platform delivering, wayfinding, information, events and marketing insights.


We implement our final digital hardware and software solution to meet the requirements set out in the initial brief according to the clients specific strategic functional, technical and business requirements. After the development is complete, a period of thorough testing with internal and external client focus groups is undertaken to ensure the platform is ready for installation and release to the public.

The solution can be delivered on a single platform via interactive directories, online or via smartphone and mobile application technologies.This solution comprises a feature rich, adaptable and flexible application that benefit clients, visitors, tenants and key stakeholders in an ever changing social and digital landscape.

Envent Management

Envent has a team of highly trained engineers, developers, support staff and marketing professionals to assist you with your solution implementation.


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