Digital Directory for Better Customer Experience

In a very competitive retail industry, it can be a real challenge to make your digital strategy and message useful and engaging to customers.

It is essential that a modern digital wayfinding directory platfrom can not only provide basic in-centre navigation, it must provide an important channel for retailers as well as value added services and analytics for centre management.  

Discover our highly versatile digital directory solution with many integrated modules. We provide advertising, offers, events and distributable content that rewards customers on visit and not spend to incentivise your returning customers, are all part of our unique multiplatform solution.

Contact us to request the list of available modules for your digital solution.

what's on function on wayfinding

What's On

The Whats on and Events module gives visitors access to current site activities and events at the click of a button. This can also be integrated to third party website.

Retailers Offers on digital directory

Retailer Offers

Tenant offers can be uploaded into the system to be displayed on the tenant listing.This is a great way for retailers to present another channel for their customers to engage with their businesses.

Parking on digital directory


The system can locate your carpark by going through a series of related questions to pinpoint your origin. A path is then animated from the directory to the selected exit.

Payment on digital directory


We can can capture and process payments via a number of different technology including credit card, magstripe or chip and PIN, contactless, EFTPOS devices, RFID and NFC to name a few.


Video surveillance with 24/7 capabilities and 2 weeks local storage, retrievable online via our monitoring system. A mini-sized stylish design allowing night vision, mobile accessibility and the ability to move the camera remotely