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The retail industry is highly competitive – and as such, it can be challenging to ensure your digital strategy and messaging is cutting through all of the noise.

Utilising digital wayfinding directories is not only a way to provide accurate navigational information for customers, but can be a valuable tool in encouraging shoppers to spend more at your shopping centre. To learn more about retail wayfinding services – in particular, how these solutions can be monetised to bring revenue to your retail shopping centre, read on.



What is digital wayfinding?

Digital wayfinding systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their interactivity, simple functionality and efficiency in providing accurate directions and information.

These systems are most commonly utilised by retail centre owners or management to provide shoppers with accurate directions, but are also a great space to advertise content or offers from retailers within the centre. This method of advertising is extremely effective, and allows retailers to connect with their customers in an entirely new channel to existing social, email or digital platforms and databases.

what's on function on wayfinding

What's On

The Whats on and Events module gives visitors access to current site activities and events at the click of a button. This can also be integrated to third party website.

Retailers Offers on digital directory

Retailer Offers

Tenant offers can be uploaded into the system to be displayed on the tenant listing.This is a great way for retailers to present another channel for their customers to engage with their businesses.

Parking on digital directory


The system can locate your carpark by going through a series of related questions to pinpoint your origin. A path is then animated from the directory to the selected exit.

Payment on digital directory


We can can capture and process payments via a number of different technology including credit card, magstripe or chip and PIN, contactless, EFTPOS devices, RFID and NFC to name a few.



Video surveillance with 24/7 capabilities and 2 weeks local storage, retrievable online via our monitoring system. A mini-sized stylish design allowing night vision, mobile accessibility and the ability to move the camera remotely

Benefits of Wayfinding in Shopping Centres

A modern digital wayfinding platform can not only provide basic in-centre navigation, but can also be utilised as an important advertising channel for retailers and centre management. This is a great benefit to retailers, as they are able to broadcast their offers for a lower price tag than most OoH alternatives. Retail offers can be easily uploaded into the wayfinding system – and enable retailers to utilise an entirely separate channel to communicate with their customers.

Digital wayfinding is also a great way for retailers to accentuate and capitalise on their brand familiarity. By placing advertisements or content on the digital signage that utilises engaging brand colours, trademarks or logos, shoppers are more likely to feel a sense of familiarity with your brand – and as such, may choose to spend money with you soon.

Another benefit of retail wayfinding services is the clarity of analytics you’ll receive. A digital wayfinding service can produce incredibly accurate measurable data, including ad views, ad redemptions, ad downloads and monthly ROI. As the data will suggest, the revenue and engagement provided often exceeds OoH results – and enables retailers to take a much closer look at how far their advertising budget could go by utilising wayfinding solutions.

Retailers are already working hard to increase store traffic – and they often don’t have an affordable, in-centre digital wayfinding service to help with advertising. Existing advertising space comes with a premium price tag, and as such, retailers can often see advertisements for competitors that don’t even have a store within the centre. But that’s where Envent comes in.

We’re here to improve the shopping experience with our intuitive indoor retail wayfinding solution, ENVENTION. This online navigational technology is built into on-site touch screen directories that provide detailed indoor maps of shopping centres for customers – that can also send directions straight to your mobile phone.

Envent has installed dozens of digital wayfinding directories across several shopping centres in Australia. Contact our friendly team today on 02 9557 8838 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about how Envent can revolutionise your centre’s directional experience.

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