Envent has developed and installed thousands of different digital wayfinding and product solutions since our inception in 2004.

Our clients span all public and private sectors including primary, secondary and tertiary industries.  We offer complete bespoke software and hardware development, as well as having our own proprietary solutions to select from.

No project is too complex or too small for our team as our focus is to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Gallipoli Barracks Brisbane

Client: Downer Defence

Industry: Defence / Government

Solution Type: Self-Service Checkin and Digital wayfinding

Model: Custom Semi Outdoor 22" Freestanding

Software Suite: Envent.Cloud

Installation: April 2023

Problem Statement: Downer Defence was looking to develop a hybrid wayfinding and LIA room check-in solution. A 24-hour check-in kiosk would provide 100% automated and self-serving functions such as LIA check-in, Digital maps to accommodation facilities, issue of RFIDs and details of site amenities and facilities via their mobile devices. This contemporary inspiration was on par with civilian and community hotel experiences whilst preserving Australia’s security integrity. In achieving this goal Downer Defence partnered with Envent.

Project Summary: Envent undertook the design, development and integration of Envent.Cloud with the robust RMS online room reservation system. Deliverables included the installation of a physical kiosk with checkin and wayfinding capabilities servicing 1300 rooms, along with a mobile phone wayfinding application. Envent was also commissioned to develop and implement a national an online survey that serves 18 Barracks.

Indoor Bluetooth Mobile Wayfinder with RTLS

Client: Deloitte Australia

Industry: Corporate Wayfinding

Solution Type: Mobile web and app based RTLS / Bluetooth

Model: Smartphones, Apple IOS. Android.

Software Suite: mutiplatform

Installation: November 2022

Problem Statement: A solution was required to provide RTLS services via web based mobile platform for staff to wayfind to desks, facilities, meeting rooms and events.

Project Summary: The original intent was to provide indoor web based wayfinding to various locations and services within corporate staffed offices. The aim was to use a web based browser to launch a URL using chrome to deliver a wayfinding service. Chrome, apple and android have not yet provided adequate bluetooth integration services for web based RTLS capabilities. Envent developed two BLE RTLS wayfinding applications (Android and Apple) integrating with the HP Meridian wayfinding platform to present accuracy to within 1-2 metres and a latency of 1-2 seconds indoors. A web solution was also developed providing static wayfinding indoors integrating with the Envent.Cloud CMS to deliver customisable content.

Prince of Wales Hospital

Client: Prince of Wales Hospital

Industry: Hospital

Solution Type: Indoor & Outdoor Digital Wayfinding

Model: Compass 42"/55" Dual screen digital Wayfinder ID.FS.DS.42/55.

Software Suite: Envent.Cloud Digital Wayfinding. Kiosk.Mobile.Desktop.

Installation: February 2023

Problem Statement: The Prince of Wales Hospital (POW) has constructed a new state of the art Acute Services Building (ASB) to expand their existing hospital footprint. They required an intuitive wayfinding platform that could provide RTLS on mobile and kiosk across the new and existing campuses.

Project Summary: Envent was selected by HI and the SESLHD to design and implement a comprehensive mobile and kiosk solution for the POW Precinct. This included indoor and outdoor navigation, mobile, kiosk and desktop, across the existing campus and newly integrated 14 storey ASB facility. A dedicated web based mobile wayfinder is being commissioned as an interim step to the wireless RTLS network integration in late 2023.

Westmead Hospital

Client: Health Infrastructure

Industry: Hospital

Solution Type: Indoor digital Wayfinding

Model: Compass 42" Digital Wayfinder. ID.FS.SS.42.

Software Suite: Envent.Cloud

Installation: 2023

Problem Statement: Westmead Hospital needed to implement a digital wayfinding solution at their new Acute Service Building (ASB). The solution would also need to connect to the existing expansive and well established campus building, whilst primarily providing detailed level maps of the ASB.

Project Summary: Envent was selected by Health Infrastructure as the preferred partner for the WSLHD digital Wayfinding. The scope included indoor digital wayfinding directories for the newly constructed multilevel ASB, including high level wayfinding to existing Westmead Hospital A-J blocks and external campus buildings. The option to integrate detailed indoor wayfinding to all A-J Blocks with be undertaken in 2023. Directory hardware included the state-of-the-art COMPASS directories that include industry leading innovation.

University of Newcastle

Client: The University of Newcastle

Industry: Education

Solution Type: Digital Wayfinding

Model: 55" Outdoor Freestanding

Software Suite: MazeMap digital wayfinding

Installation: March 2021

Problem Statement: To design and produce a directory solution that provides wayfinding and digital advertising across multiple environments. The design had to consider existing outdoor plinth style signage and sizing whilst creating a modern look and feel. The challenge was designing a weatherproof cabinet and locking system for our largest ever hinged door at 3000mm.

Project Summary: Envent won a competitive tender to design and deliver a range of indoor and outdoor digital directories for the UoN campuses. Stainless steel enclosures, 55" ultrabright outdoor LCDs, 6mm toughened glass, PCAP touchscreens, fibre connectivity and RFID electronic locking systems.


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