The Sentinel is a self-service facial recognition and body temperature checking solution, designed to automate and expedite the signin process.

How it works

Facial recognition and thermal cameras provide instant verification and body temperature readings. The system can be configured with custom thresholds, alerts and admittance messages.


To save time and cost by automating and digitizing checkin procedures at any venue. The system provides people counting, health checks, access control and time in attendance capabilities.

Where it can be used.

At the entry and exit of any public or private enterprise for visitors, staff, commuters or members. 

Option to add Auto Hand Sanitiser Spray for your safety measure.


  • 8" Portrait LCD with optional touchscreen
  • 800x1280 resolution
  • CPURk3288 four cores/ rk3399 six cores/ msm8953 eight cores
  • 1500 binocular Camera
  • RFID Card Reader
  • Infrared thermal camera
  • The accuracy rate is 98.3%
  • Face recognition pass speed is less than 1 second
  • Temperature detection 1000mm
  • Measuring Accuracy ≤ ±0.2℃
  • 10 degree C-42 degree C range
  • Dimension 238.24*128*25mm
  • Weight 1.45kg
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