Unlocking Stress-Free Hospital Navigation

Did you know that 30-40% of hospital visitors get lost navigating the complex facility? Simplify and enhance the hospital experience with our digital wayfinding solution!

What is Wayfinding?

Wayfinding is about guiding people from point A to point B in a hospital. Traditional methods, like relying on staff or makeshift signage, can be slow and occasionally unreliable. Digital wayfinding solutions are the future, providing intuitive, real-time directions at the touch of a button.

Plan for Common Journeys

Our system is designed to streamline common hospital journeys: visiting inpatients, finding consultation rooms, and responding to emergencies. It’s flexible and adaptive, ready for any changes in real-time.

Enhance Engagement

Our wayfinder doesn’t just provide directions. It keeps users informed with hospital updates, local news, and weather forecasts. Interactive advertising and QR code rewards add an extra layer of engagement and support local businesses.

Experience Envention

Simplify navigation for patients, staff and visitors with Envention, Our touch screen directories offer detailed indoor maps and can simply scan QR code to experience Mobile version of wayfinder.

Find out more about our Mobile wayfinder HERE

Visitors can easily find their way by an animated path displayed from the directory. 3D wayfinding options available.

Users can now simply scan the QR code to have the same wayfinding experience on their phone.

Show what’s on at the hospital and engage with visitors. Option to add transport, news and local weather.

Visitors can send the advertising to their phone by scanning the QR code on the directory and redeem. 

We can integrate video surveillance with 24/7 capabilities and 2 weeks local storage, retrievable online via our monitoring system. 

Envent can provide a range of different payment devices for car park payment into the directory hardware. 


Hospitals are a perfect location to promote your local business to millions of annual visitors. Engage with local businesses and create a dynamic channel that generates revenue with your digital wayfinding network. We also give you the statistics other advertisers wont including measurable data including:
– Ad Views
– Ad Downloads
– Ad redemptions
– Monthly ROI


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