Locally-Focused Digital Advertising

Retailers are already working hard to increase traffic to their store, they definitely don’t want to see competitors digital ads being displayed if they aren’t local.

Why not use the space to encourage customers to explore and shop more in the area?

With Envent’s advertising service, you can engage local businesses in a dedicated digital channel that excites and exposes them, bringing the community to life..

Why choose Envent Advertising?


Only 10% of cost of standard digital media media space.
We strive to help promote all businesses. Our ad space is only 10% cost of standard other digital advertisers, so it is affordable for small business owners too.


Multi-level engagement metrics.
Check how many people have viewed, downloaded and redeemed the app & advertisements. Our content engagement is measurable across a range of digital platforms including digital signage, desktop and smartphone.


Shopping Centres, Corporate Foyers, Train Stations, Hospitals, Councils and many more.
Our 20 years of experience in providing digital solutions to shopping centres, government, hospitals and councils, allows us to provide prime media space to advertisers.


We understand the challenges and we are here for you
We understand the challenges of small businesses. Envent can help with creative design at a small cost and advertisers can change the ads as often as they wish during any campaign.


Utilise the space on your existing digital network as an additional passive revenue stream.
We can create a revenue stream for you! By integrating our advertising partners, we will transform your existing digital network into an exciting, engaging channel for your visitors, whilst providing a positive ROI and passive monthly revenue at no cost to you.


One multi-platform solution that works on digital signage, kiosk, desktops or smartphones.
All media content is managed and distributed via our online cloud based media scheduling platform called Envention. We provide secure hosting and online access to all of your campaigns, scheduling and reporting via our encrypted SaaS system across multi-platforms and devices.

Case Studies

Telstra Randwick and Marooubra

Our amazing client, who owns two Telstra franchises, provided us with a range of digital assets to integrate into their campaign.
Promoting local Eastern suburbs attractions and lifestyle was key for the target audience.


We’ve earned a reputation throughout Australia as being an innovator in digital self-service solutions. Our experience in public facing digital technology dates back 25 years to the mid 1990s. We aim to engage and help the public, management, businesses and staff with each experience across a range of industries including health, retail, government, corporate and hospitality.


We offer simplicity and absolute affordability in our digital channel. Delivering your product or service to a waiting and targeted audience. We have a unique offer and redemption process that provides measurable analytics through the engagement process. Utilise our creative design services to suit you campaign strategy, delivering optimum results. Our dedicated and experienced support team deliver a comprehensive service to help guide you through the process.


We have a dedicated health channel for your local and national clients to utilise. We deliver valuable insights and a flexible channel, this combined with our technical innovation is hard to match by the larger advertising companies. We can provide creative solutions for your clients with detailed statistics and campaign engagement, providing meaningful return on investment analysis. Any format large or small is possible with Envent.

Return on Investment

Envent advertising

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Digital Creative

Envent has a proprietary software platform developed over 15 years. Our web based media platform offers innovative analytics, interactive user engagement and insights. We provide in-house graphic and digital design services to help you bring your vision to life.

Industrial Design

Envent offers in-house custom industrial design services for every project. You can choose one of our many proprietary products or have us design something specifically to suit your needs.
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