Hotel Self-Service Check-In

We have a fully integrated turnkey hotel self-service check-in module for the hotel industry. Offering guests a contemporary approach to efficient check-in and checkout from their accommodation venue catering for all aspects of a convenient self-service guest experience. The solution includes walk-in and pre-booked reservations, hotel and room card cutting and encoding, breakfast ordering and EFTPOS payment capabilities. See our project here.



Video surveillance with 24/7 capabilities and 2 weeks local storage, retrievable online via our monitoring system. A mini-sized stylish design allowing night vision, mobile accessibility and the ability to move the camera remotely

Envent data capture on digital wayfinding

Data Capturing

Full contact details can be entered into the application by users so that you can can send information to them via email or your desired social media channel.

Customer survey on digital wayfinding


Users are prompted to engage with the surveys questions to provide great insight for the management, retailers and staff on how better to tailor their services to improve the customer experience.

Payment on digital directory


We can can capture and process payments via a number of different technology including credit card, magstripe or chip and PIN, contactless, EFTPOS devices, RFID and NFC to name a few.

best intercom on digital wayfiding kiosk


The customer can speak directly with concierge or front desk for further assistance, in fact any phone number can be programmed into the system.


Hotels are already working hard to increase traffic to their property and they don’t have a hotel digital network to advertise on and to generate an income stream.
Why not utilise the space on the checkin kiosks, or dedicated hotel advertising networks to encourage guests to shop more at the hotel or procure third party vendor servces?
Hotels can now capitalise on the checkin technology and integrate third party digital advertising to create revenue for the hotel.
These ads will sit alongside the hotel self checkin system at the point of purchase, enabling guests to view and redeem if they wish. 
Point of purchase advertising is a great location to generate an income for the hotel and to promote hotel suppliers who currently have out of sight brochures on display in the hotel foyers.
Envent provides an innovative & engaging digital checkin solution, combined with a proven event-focused media platform, at 1/10 of the standard digital advertising costs.
Once the channel is developed and established for the hotel, the revenue and engagement provided actually exceeds the checkin income generated by the alternatives that actually generate no measurable benefit for the third party suppliers.
We also give your hotels and your important third party suppliers the ROI and statistics not previously available, including the following measurable data;


  1. – Ad Views
  2. – Ad Downloads
  3. – Ad Redemptions
  4. – Monthly ROI
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