Envent has developed and installed thousands of different digital wayfinding and product solutions since our inception in 2004.

Our clients span all public and private sectors including primary, secondary and tertiary industries.  We offer complete bespoke software and hardware development, as well as having our own proprietary solutions to select from.

No project is too complex or too small for our team as our focus is to help you achieve your business objectives.

With our experience we can cross pollinate ideas from one industry to another to give you insights you may not have considered in your strategy.

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University of Newcastle

Client: The University of Newcastle

Industry: Education

Solution Type: Digital Wayfinding

Model: 55" Outdoor Freestanding

Software Suite: MazeMap digital wayfinding

Installation: March 2021

Problem Statement: To design and produce a directory solution that provides wayfinding and digital advertising across multiple environments. The design had to consider existing outdoor plinth style signage and sizing whilst creating a modern look and feel. The challenge was designing a weatherproof cabinet and locking system for our largest ever hinged door at 3000mm.

Project Summary: Envent won a competitive tender to design and deliver a range of indoor and outdoor digital directories for the UoN campuses. Stainless steel enclosures, 55" ultrabright outdoor LCDs, 6mm toughened glass, PCAP touchscreens, fibre connectivity and RFID electronic locking systems.

Scout Chatbot

Client: Wriveted

Industry: Education

Solution Type: Custom indoor enclosure

Model: Custom design

Software Suite: Proprietary Wriveted Chatbot platfrom

Installation: 2019

Problem Statement: Wriveted required a child friendly, engaging design that was bright, colourful and enticing for children. The final design had to integrate an integrated LCD, touchscreen, printer, PSUs and cabling in a VERY compact space.

Project Summary: The provision of a custom design, production ready drawings, assembly and completed prototype to house and ELO 10.1" touch monitor, Epson thermal printer and associated hardware.

Hyde Park Barracks

Client: Datascene

Industry: Museum

Solution Type: Custom Digital Signage

Model: Custom 80" portrait LCD enclosure

Software Suite: Video and media scheduling platform

Installation: 2020

Problem Statement: The client required indoor custom designed enclosures to house 80" high bright LCD panels for a museum fitout.

Project Summary: The provision of custom design services, production, assembly assistance and installation of the devices.

Queensland Tafe

Client: Signs Etc

Industry: Eductation

Solution Type: Digital Outdoor Wayfinding

Model: Custom made 42" outdoor landscape directories

Software Suite: Envention wayfinding and media scheduling software

Installation: 2020

Problem Statement: The client required outdoor digital wayfinding in the public thoroughfare to enable students and visitors to search for blocks, rooms and amenities.

Project Summary: Envent provided an integrated outdoor digital directory solution with customised wayfinding software to match the supplied aesthetics supplied from signs etc who manufactured and detailed the premium enclosures. The custom directories included integrated airconditioning, 42" HD 2000 NIT LCDs, PCAP touchscreens and Intel CPU hardware..

NSW Transport Wayfinding

Client: Electroboard

Industry: Corporate

Solution Type: Digital Indoor Wayfinding

Model: Custom made 55" landscape directories

Software Suite: Wayfinding and Media Scheduling Software

Installation: 2020

Problem Statement: The client required a bespoke, low cost design that could be quickly and easily assembled onsite. Our product had to be designed and manufactured in Australia cheaper than importing a comparative US solution.

Project Summary: Envent provided a custom designed indoor digital enclosure. The directories had to encompass an integrated Samsung 55" HD LCD, touchscreen, Intel CPU hardware, power supplies and powerboards. The unit and hardware could be assembled within 15 minutes to completion.

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